Leptomeningeal Tumor

Certain tumors, e.g., breast cancer, malignant melanomas, and multiple myeloma in addition to acute leukemias often spread to the central nervous system. Aside from radiation, which can only be used once, there is no preferred treatment for such tumor involvement. Bulanta, which has an excellent anti- tumor spectrum, can be expected to be effective in controlling such spread, and we will evaluate this possibility under an IND. Bulanta will be injected into the CNS through an Ommaya-reservoir, placed by neurosurgery, and weekly low doses will be injected to clear the involvement. This will be a unique use of Bulanta, and IV busulfan formulations containing DMA cannot be used for such an indication since the DMA would dissolve the material of the Ommaya reservoir, necessary for drug administration. The potential market size for this indication is estimated to be approximately twice as big as the stem cell transplant market.

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