About Us

About Us


GreenJay Therapeutics,Inc.  (GreenJay) is a late-stage pharmaceutical company based in Houston, Texas, focused on reformulation of drugs to improve clinical outcomes. The Company has developed a new intravenous (IV) formulation of busulfan which it believes will reduce toxicity risks to the patient. IV busulfan currently is used as a pretreatment related to
stem cell transplantation, and this drug contains a “Class 2” solvent, for which the FDA recommends strict dose limits due to the severe chemical effects.  The current drug busulfan contains this solvent at levels that substantially exceed (by approximately 1000x) the recommended permissible daily exposure (“PDE”), exposing patients to severe effects.

Our new formulation, Bulanta ™, removes this solvent, which we believe will reduce the toxicity of therapy without reducing efficacy. Regulatory approval of this new formulation is being pursued through the NDA 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway.