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About Us

Scientific Founder

Borje S. Andersson, MD, PhD, Scientific Founder and Member of Board of Directors

Dr.  Andersson is the scientific founder and a founding member of the Board of Directors of GreenJay and principal inventor of patents related to GreenJay’s technology. He is a Professor, Department of Stem Cell
Transplantation, at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, and is Director of the Molecular Pharmacology and Translational Drug Development program. He also holds an appointment as Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy.
After obtaining his MD (1977) and PhD (1981), both from the Karolinska Institute Medical University in Stockholm, Sweden, Dr. Andersson accepted an invitation to a clinical research fellowship in Developmental Therapeutics at the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in 1981. Upon completion of the fellowship, he was recruited to the faculty. Dr. Andersson is the principal inventor Bulanta, the reformulated version of busulfan that is GreenJay’s therapeutic drug, as well as numerous other patents. He is the co-author of peer-reviewed publications and scientific
articles, including the clinical side-effects of busulfan as formulated.